28mm Sci-Fi Gallery

Here are a few pictures of my forces for doing battle in the far future... or... not-so-far future...?

Warhammer 40,000

Imperial Guard

To start with I have a few assorted options that I could attach to any of the different Imperial guard units i have:

An Imperial Guard Commissar from Games Workshop.

Techpriest Enginseer from Games Workshop

An Astorpath (again, Games Workshop) could be attached to any of the Imperial Guard Company Headquarters.

Imperial Naval Officer and a Sanctioned Psyker from Games Workshop. The Naval Officer, like the Astropath above, can be added to any Company Command Team as an "advisor". The Psyker should be part of a team of Psykers that would be an Elite Unit that could be attached to any force - I'd have to paint up a few more first.

These are some monks from Black Tree Design that I tried converting (with some gen-u-ine GW guard bitz) to use as Ministorium Priests of the Ecclesiarchy.


Well... They're Catachan figures... I'm kind of using them as my own "to-be-named"jungle fighters... I had been using them as a unit called Morgan's Marauders - a mercenary unit in an old Savage Worlds Sci-fi skirmish campaign - but as the kids and a couple of their firends are getting into 40K they will likely be seeing service as gen-u-ine Imperial Guardsmen.

First Platoon with:
Platoon HQ with Lieutenant (powerfist and laspistol),  Veteran Guardsman with Sniper Rifle, Veteran Guardsman with Heavy Flamer, Veteran Guardsman Laser Cannon team.
1st Squad: Sergeant with Bolt Pistol and Chainsword, 6 guardsmen with lasguns, 1 guardsman with grenade launcher, and a two-guardsman Missile Launcher team
2nd Squad: Sergeant with Bolt Pistol and Chainsword, 6 guardsmen with lasguns, 1 guardsman with Plasma Rifle and a two-guardsman Missile Launcher team
3rd Squad: Sergeant with Bolt Pistol and Chainsword, 6 guardsmen with lasguns, 1 guardsman with Meltagun, and a two-guardsman Missile Launcher team
all figures are from Games Workshop.

Third Platoon (second platoon to be painted) - this is a platoon of "Proxy" figures - mostly old I-Kore Void Viridian Commandos (though the two chaps with Flamers are old Kryomech figures - I think...). Actually I'm two figures short for a platoon... blast it!
The Platoon consists of:
Platoon HQ with Lieutenant and two veteran guardsmen forming a Mortar team.
Two Squads each have a seargeant and eight guardsmen with Laser rifles and one with a flamer.

Veteran Squad - using really old Citadel (GW) Miniatures

Special Weapons Teams

These are an assortment of Special Weapons Teams that can be added to any of the platoons (two teams per platoon)

Sniper Special Weapons Team

Demolition Team #1

Demolition Team #2

This is a Games Workshop Orgyn to give them a little heavy support.

He has since become the Bone 'Ed of an attached Abhuman Ogryn Squad.

Another team of attached Abhumans: Ratling Snipers!

Catachan Sentinel for some light support/armoured reconnaissance (more pictures of this here: Sci-fi Odds and Ends)


Again... They're Cadian figures... but I'm kind of using them as my own "to-be-named"generic Imperial Guardsmen...

Company Command Team - made up of old "Rogue Trader Era" figures (because they're all "veterans")

A Cadian infantry Squad from Games Workshop.

Dismounted AFV crew

yet another attached Abhuman Squad of Ratling Snipers!


I have a small force of Tallarn as well... (just... don't ask...) though I have only a couple samples painted -it's one of those "some day" force projects...

Tallarn Officer

A solitary Tallarn Guardsman I painted up just to try out colours and see how he looked...

An Imperial Guard commissar for a Tallarn Regiment-  (converted) Games Workshop figure

I added the head scarf because I have a small collection of Tallarn Imperial Guardsmen and I thought maybe their commissar might have “gone a bit native”.


I have a smattering of Eldar - some I've had for ages, others I traded for or picked up off ebay more recently... The Girl is starting her own force of Eldar so a few of them have been passed on to her - Mine will mostly be kept around for use as NPC encounters in Rogue Trader or Only War

A pair of Citadel Miniatures/Games Workshop Rogue Trader era Eldar.

Another Ctadel Miniatures/Games Workshop Rogue Trader era Eldar


The first two of a horde of  Mantic Games "Marauders" I'd started, but have since traded them to The Boy (who wants to play 40K Space Orks) for some old plastic Space Marines he bought off a friend (who had found them at a garage sale super cheap...).

Other Sci-Fi

Finally three Cobalt-1 figures from Black Hat Miniatures. I thought the middle fellow looked like he could be a Rogue Trader (or a senior advisor to a rogue Trader) and so picked him up recently along with these two others to potentially use in a game of FFG's Rogue Trader role-playing game

Here are two more of the Cobalt-1 figures I thought I'd use for Rogue Trader.

I also have a pile of other I-kore/Void minis, some old West End Games/Grenadier Star Wars figures, Grenadier Traveller minis, and piles of assorted other Sci-fi stuff that I shall endeavor to get posted up here some time...

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